DVA card holders

CBR Podiatry is proud to provide podiatry services to assess, diagnose and treat injuries and conditions of the foot for current and former members of the Australian Defence Force. CBR Podiatry is a registered provider of podiatry and footcare services to Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) clients.


You can receive DVA funded podiatry services from CBR Podiatry if your GP issues you with a DVA Referral Form (Form D904) and you have a:

No out-of-pocket expenses

CBR Podiatry does not charge any additional fees and there are no out-of-pocket expenses for eligible card holders.

Referral process

Firstly, you’ll need to obtain a signed DVA Referral Form (D904) from your GP made out to CBR Podiatry. This referral lasts for 12 months or 12 visits, whichever ends first. You’re then able to make an appointment with CBR Podiatry. 

When you make an appointment, please let us know you are a DVA patient and briefly summarise your main concerns. If booking online, you can use the “Extra info” box to confirm you are a DVA client and outline your reasons for requiring podiatry treatment.

Please bring your completed Referral Form with you to your appointment. 

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