CBR Podiatry: Your Patient-Centred, Personalised and Professional Canberra Foot Care Clinic

Welcome to CBR Podiatry, a newly established Canberra foot clinic in O’Connor, inner North Canberra. Our mission is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, caring service that exceeds their expectations. We might not be the first stop on your foot health journey, but we aim to be the last.

Patient-Centred Foot Clinic
At CBR Podiatry, we follow a patient-centred approach that puts our patients first.
We take a thorough approach when it comes to the assessment and diagnosis of your foot condition. We also take the time to listen to you. So you’ll never feel rushed or unheard.

Personalised Podiatry Treatment
We offer bespoke care plans tailored to your condition, lifestyle, and objectives. We also assess, diagnose, and provide comprehensive advice and management of your podiatry problem. We aim to ensure you feel educated, empowered and in control of your wellbeing.

Professional Podiatry Services
Our comprehensive podiatry services are provided by our principal podiatrist, Nick Cotton, who has over 11 years of experience in general podiatry. Nick’s exceptional industry experience is backed by the latest research, so he can offer the best podiatry solutions for your condition. We’re here to help you achieve your foot care goals and live your best life.

CBR Podiatry Are Here to Support Your Feet – and You

Our North Canberra podiatry clinic assesses and manages a comprehensive range of podiatry concerns. Whether you’re seeking treatment for common foot problems such as heel pain or unpleasant skin or nail issues like ingrown toenails, or need custom orthotics to minimise discomfort, our experienced podiatrist is here to help. Check out our wide range of podiatry services.

Who We Work With

CBR Podiatry cares for patients of all ages, from children to adults. We also work with NDIS participants and individuals with foot-related conditions stemming from chronic conditions like diabetes and arthritis. We are committed to providing compassionate and professional care to all our patients.

Meet the CBR Podiatry Team – Your Trusted and Experienced Canberra Foot Care Specialists

Leonie Cotton, Co-Director of CBR Podiatry

Leonie Cotton is CBR Podiatry’s co-director, working tirelessly behind the scenes to manage the clinic and ensure the practice runs smoothly and efficiently. She also oversees all marketing, accounting, and IT functions in addition to working as a public servant.

Leonie has supported Nick’s podiatry pursuits for over 10 years and is dedicated to fostering CBR Podiatry’s patient-centred foot care ethos. In a former role/life, Leonie worked for the UK’s National Health Service, working with dozens of GP practices to free up capacity in appointment bookings and reduce patient wait times.

Leonie moved back to Canberra with Nick to be closer to family. When she’s not busy running two businesses, Leonie enjoys the outdoors with her kids, bushwalking and participating in water sports.


Practice Manager

Leonie is our friendly practice manager and brings with her a wealth of experience including managing her own immigration consultancy and a team of consultants. She enjoys working on the various operating systems the clinic uses and is responsible for ensuring everything behind the scenes runs optimally.

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Photo of Nick Cotton from CBR Podiatry, an experienced principal podiatrist in O’Connor, North Canberra

Meet Nick. Your Experienced and Trusted Canberra Podiatrist

Nicholas Cotton

Principal Podiatrist - Bachelor of Science Podiatry (Hons)

Nicholas (Nick) Cotton is the principal podiatrist and co-director of CBR Podiatry, with over 11 years of experience delivering exceptional foot care. Nick graduated with a First-Class Bachelor of Science Podiatry degree with honours in 2012. He has since honed his skills in various clinical settings in the UK and Australia, including hospitals, private clinics, aged care and community healthcare.

Nick is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive, patient-centred care – treating the underlying condition, not just the symptoms, and working side by side with his patients to help improve their quality of life. Nick offers services and treatment plans tailored to the individual, not just a one-size-fits-all approach.

While Nick enjoys all forms of general podiatry, his special interests are heel pain, ingrown toenails and orthotics. He particularly enjoys resolving chronic podiatry conditions that have previously proven difficult to treat. Nick undertakes continual professional development to offer his patients the latest evidence-based treatment options. He is also a long-term member of multiple podiatry organisations, including the Australian Podiatry Association and the special interest group Australian Paediatric Podiatry.

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