Nail surgery

We are often able to manage ingrown toenails conservatively, without surgery. Go to our dedicated page on ingrown toenails for more information about our non-surgical treatment options for this condition.

For ingrown toenails unsuitable for non-surgical management, CBR Podiatry offers a very effective nail surgery service for patients. During the procedure liquefied phenol is applied to prevent the painful nail edge from regrowing. Evidence has shown that this solution prevents recurrence of ingrown nails in 92-98% of cases.

Your safety is our number one priority. At CBR Podiatry you are guaranteed to have nail surgery performed by a podiatrist with at least 10 years’ experience. We strive to make the experience as comfortable as possible. In fact, most people report that the only slight discomfort they feel is a small scratch or sting when local anaesthetic is given. Once you let us know that the anaesthetic is working, we proceed to remove the offending nail edge and prevent it from growing back. During the procedure liquefied phenol is applied to the nail root at the very edge of the nail. The aim of this procedure is to leave a normal-looking nail while only removing a small section of nail from the edge.

You are able to go home straight after the procedure, but it is very important that you are available to come back into the clinic to attend redressing appointments to monitor healing and minimise the risk of infection. The redressing appointments are included in the price of the nail surgery and should be made at the time of booking the nails surgery procedure. Our podiatrist will provide you with a dressing pack following the procedure and give you thorough instructions for self-care between your redressing appointments.

If you are experiencing pain down the edge of your toenails, come in and see us. We can investigate the causes and work on a solution that will work for you in the long term. Often there is a simple solution that can prevent more serious issues in the future.

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