Video gait analysis

In podiatry, gait analysis, as its name suggests is a scientific method of observing how you walk or run. It is a really useful tool that we use to help determine the cause of pain and injury and to improve performance. While podiatrists often focus on the feet it is important to be aware that how you walk or run can have a significant impact on other areas. Podiatrists examine how the entire body moves during gait analysis. During gait analysis a recording is taken from varying angles. It is then played back and observations/measurements are made to determine where imbalances and deficiencies exist.

Areas that are particularly affected by deficiencies or compensations during gait include, but are not limited to, your knees, hips, and lower back. Gait analysis can reveal tightness and restrictions of movement at the joints as well as poor balance and weak muscles. Moreover, poor gait during walking or running can mean that some of your biggest muscles don’t work as well as they should.

CBR Podiatry provides gait analysis as part of the biomechanical assessment process. We identify restrictions and weaknesses and provide you with a tailored management plan. Such plans are often aimed at increasing flexibility/range of motion and strengthening. They can also include a recommendation for particular footwear and/or orthotics. If are experiencing pain in the lower limb and would like to get back to performing to your full potential, a gait analysis as part of the biomechanical assessment is recommended. Bookings for a biomechanical assessment/treatment options can be made online or calling 6166 8888.

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